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Karlskrona Eye Clinic is the first in Sweden with an AI assessment

Karlskrona Eye Clinic is the first in Sweden with an AI assessment

By December of this year at the latest, the Karlskrona Eye Clinic will start using an artificial intelligence algorithm to evaluate fundus scans in patients with diabetes. The clinic hopes this will make it easier for the healthcare system to catch up.

The number of people with diabetes is likely to double over the next 10 years. In fact, we are already at a breaking point, where we don’t have the opportunity to properly treat all diabetics, says Maciej Sosinski, a specialist in the eye clinic, for Sweden Radio.

Faster response times

Diabetics are at increased risk of developing eye diseases, which is why they are called in regularly for eye exams. Here, the AI ​​algorithm can greatly speed up response times.

When we rate photos the old-fashioned way, it takes anywhere from a few days to a month to get a response. The AI ​​algorithm can provide the answer in 60 seconds.

The algorithm can detect changes in the eyes that may be a sign of disease. The goal here is for clinic staff to assess only patients who need treatment.

We intend to filter patients with diabetes who do not have any ocular involvement. Staff do not need to look at their pictures, we only evaluate patients who need medical decisions.

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