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Here, a confident free-kick shooter gets the whole team moving – seconds later, disaster is real

Free kicks in the offensive half of the field usually result in a dangerous goal opportunity. Sometimes, it can be quite the opposite.

It’s not always easy to take the perfect free kick. In many cases, it can seem a little too simple, but for the sharpest shooters, thousands of hours of training are behind them.

confident shooter

In the past, powerful shots with tremendous accuracy were the winning concept. But over time, we’ve seen so many teams try their hand at incredible variations that sometimes you’ll be amazed at the wisdom but in some cases just laugh at the trying.

Photo: YouTube

This free kick, from the UK lower divisions, is not an untested version. The self-confident free-kick shooter moves the strongest teammates into the opponents’ penalty area, takes the initiative to hit one of the poles.

Worst free kick ever?

One could expect that the whole thing would lead to a serious target chance. A teammate finds the surface behind the opponent’s defense line, or a tall midfielder hits the ball with his head.

Instead, it becomes a pancake of everything – and a few seconds later the ball is in its target (!), and this could actually be one of the worst free kicks we’ve ever seen:

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