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Öland visits the Helsinki Lispita Opera

Öland visits the Helsinki Lispita Opera

The Aland Cultural Society’s Katrina Opera initiative will visit the Alexander Theater in April.

Lispita – A Witch You Shouldn’t Let Live It had its first show in Mariehamn in July last year and is one of Kulturföreningen Katrina’s biggest investments. It is now a guest show at the Alexander Theater in Helsinki on April 21-22 as part of the celebration of Öland’s 100 years of autonomy, in collaboration with government offices.

The newly written opera is about the witch trials in the history of Finland and is a realistic fiction about the events in which seven women accused of witchcraft were murdered at Castleholm between 1665 and 1667. Carolina Eriksdottir and a text Karina Carlson And Ida Kronholm. Kronholm is also responsible.

The HBL reviewer was not modest in his homage after last year’s opera premiere: “The whole ensemble in the new opera is particularly impressive with its high quality. Many of the singers are Olander with a world career. More than a man the choir and orchestra were very professional and directed by Ida Kronholm provided the story With a really very precise fist. Thus, no matter how tragic these frightening events were, Hollande could have celebrated its centenary.”

In roles they look Sophie AsplundAnd Philip BjörkvistAnd Jonas ElorantaAnd Jenny CarlstedtAnd Therese CarlsonAnd Arne Belkonen And Philly Koggala. He conducts the Estonian Symphony Orchestra and the Lespita Choir Anna Maria Helsing.

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