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Assange's mother: 'The triumph of quiet diplomacy'

Assange's mother: 'The triumph of quiet diplomacy'

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese was clear about his line, according to a spokesperson:

Assange's case has been going on for too long, and there is nothing to be gained by continuing to detain him.

The spokesman does not want to comment on information that Assange may soon return to Australia, but says the government is aware that a hearing has been scheduled (in a US court).

Negotiations will take place on Wednesday.

“Many people took advantage of my son.”

Julian Assange's mother, Christine Assange, said she was grateful that her son's long ordeal was over.

“This shows the importance and power of quiet diplomacy,” she said in a statement carried by the Australian Public Service Channel. ABC.

She says that many people took advantage of her son or the case to advance their own interests and agendas. Therefore, she says she is grateful to have those who put Julian Assange's health first.

Even the father is grateful

Assange's father, John Shipton, describes it as his son having been imprisoned in one way or another for the past 15 years, years that would have been his most productive. But now freedom and life with children and wife await.

“It looks like Julian will be free to return to Australia,” Shipton said.

Anna Arden: “Happy”

Anna Arden, one of two Swedish women who reported the sexual assault of Julian Assange in 2010, also commented on the case.

“Since I get the crap every time bad things happen to Assange, maybe I can take the credit now that he's free? All kidding aside, I had no authority here, but I'm glad he's out and I hope he fights for transparency and human rights.” Without exploiting women,” she wrote on X.

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Mike Pence criticized her

However, Mike Pence, former Vice President under Donald Trump, is decisive:

“There should not be plea deals to avoid prison for someone who risked the safety of our military and national security,” he wrote on X.