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"Of course we have no leisure time"

“Of course we have no leisure time”

Surprisingly, the newspaper reporter not only drove his car into Hank inside the Army training area in Trongslet.

A few hundred meters from the entrance, the first signs appeared slowly.

More green-clad and armed young soldiers may have appeared, perhaps compelling? But with a kind smile and information on where the reporter will get the mandatory quick check for the temple.

The Swedish Armed Forces conducts training, and our mission is to provide surveillance and security protection during the exercise.

Inside the fence, the largest international exercise at Translet in Alvadalan, Collective Defense 21. A staff exercise in six days and under British leadership.

– Jonas Svensson, Communications Manager, Armed Forces, explained that the Swedish Armed Forces conducts training and that our mission is to provide surveillance and security during the exercise.

– Protecting the power supply through exercise is very important, among other things. For natural reasons, I could not see how the security was arranged.

With the negative Govt test, the MD’s reporter was finally pushed into the area by communications manager Jonas Svensson and his car.

Exercise is an important cornerstone in the continued development of JEF

But not more than about 200 meters from the area and the meeting room. For a short but pleasant interview with Major Alex Holt of Great Britain and Brigadier General Johan Beckary of the Swedish Armed Forces.

The exercise will be a key milestone in the continued development of the Sweden-affiliated JEF in 2017, explained Johann Beckery.

In addition to Sweden and the United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Iceland and Norway are members of the JEF (Joint Travel Force). Ten more countries were now militarily in place in Translate.

The newspaper certainly did not enter the campus, which incorporated the best personnel training with high technology, computers and military training at the personnel level.

Yes JEF works with so-called gray zone situations.

The JEF is a rapid reaction force that, under British leadership, can engage in confronting “threats below the threshold of open, armed conflict”.

– Yes JEF works with so-called gray zone displays. The events that cause great damage to a community without it being a continuous armed conflict, Johann Beckery explains.

Social attacks or attacks on electricity in a community create influence and political crises.

According to Johann Beckery, JEF does not yet have to work in a sharp environment:

– I do not want to guess how close we are, says Johann Beckery.

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