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The UK will be isolated on immigrants from South America

UK government announces compulsion after corona virus outbreak exceeds 100,000 To isolate all people from South America, Whether they are natives returning to the country after vacation in that region or born in any country that is part of the South American continent.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told a news conference that both residents and foreigners will be present. Collected directly at the airport From where they are immediately Transferred to various shelters provided by the British Government, In which they have Stay 10 days.

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In addition, he reported that action This is valid for all people coming from Portugal and South Africa, The Department of Health and Social Work is working to establish facilities to quickly install isolated spaces.

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Finally, Johnson announced that the new move, which will be announced in detail early next week, is its main objective Try to prevent new variants of Covid-19 from reaching the UK, When you remember it again Isolation, which applies to almost the entire country, is illegal to go abroad or leave home for leisure reasons..

That’s why at ports and country airports, they will ask everyone why they are leaving and give them instructions to return to their homes if they do not have a valid reason to travel.