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GTA: The Trilogy - Ultimate Edition

GTA: The Trilogy – Ultimate Edition

Neither the final version nor a cash, as some claim.

It still looked good when the first trailer was released, although the animation style looked a little weird. The classic trilogy seems to have received a fair amount of love, but looks can be deceiving, even if it’s not as deceptive as the internet might want them to.

Not all character models are up to par.

Many of them look almost like plastic dolls.

The lighting can look really good.

We can say it right away GTA: The Trilogy – Ultimate Edition He should not be released in this case. It’s at most a beta that would have required several months of polishing before it was ready for the sharp release. Just the fact that they managed to release the game with different files that players won’t see says much. But I can’t agree that this is a useless insult to the original games that many want to make.

Sure, there are some doll redesigns for characters that should never have been allowed to pass QC, but these are moments of fury and not something that spoils the games. I can also buy more cartoon vision that they obviously had, because GT It has always been a caricature of the United States, exaggerated to comic levels.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t recommend running out and buying GTA: The Trilogy – Ultimate Edition Today, but it is not far from the rescue. It will take a lot of reaching out to fix all the problems. Apparently the AI ​​meter was used for a good part of the job, and it’s a pity they couldn’t even correct the marks to make sure the “O” didn’t become a “D” and vice versa.

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As we’ve seen, rain also gets all the criticism. Instead of enhancing the subtle mood, you are bombarded by small light swords that make it extremely difficult to see when it’s dark, and which are also served behind other waterways rather than in front. It looks totally fine, and it’s a mystery how they didn’t find out before release.

There are also some bugs, like when I’m in the middle of a gunfight during a mission, I get a phone call, and then I can sit with the phone in my hand, without being able to shoot or jump into cars. It might still be hanging from the original, but regardless, it’s pretty annoying.

But not everything is negative. The biggest change in the mechanics of the game itself is undoubtedly the controls. Gone are the nifty auto-vision that can trigger yellow fever on someone by choosing the wrong target (which can be used if you want), and instead we get a free scene reminiscent of later GTA games. Before playing through the re-controller, I was worried that this change would make the game too easy. After all, many older games get a certain part of the difficulty from inappropriate controls, tricky camera angles, and other shortcomings.

Fortunately, the games are still challenging enough that you don’t get tired or go through every task without problems. I die and fail from time to time, but it is very rare for me to feel the urge to push the control into the wall, even if it is very easy to target the mouse and keyboard in the usual order. Once you die during the mission, you will also get the option to restart right away, which is very welcome. Some missions have been enriched with checkpoints.

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In the end, I see the potential in Ultimate Edition, but some neat patches will be needed before I can recommend anyone to buy them. Mods are already starting to come out, and over time I believe this may actually be the final version as it should have already been released.

Footnote: Game was tested on PC.