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GTA publisher will be ‘cautious’ regarding movie adaptations |  MovieZine

GTA publisher will be ‘cautious’ regarding movie adaptations | MovieZine

Take-Two’s CEO says movie adaptations pose clear risks that could hurt the company’s gaming brands.

Game publisher Take-Two has already given the green light to cinematic adaptations of its games “Borderlands” and “Bioshock.” On the other hand, the company owns many famous gaming brands, such as “grand theft auto” And “Red Dead Redemption”. But whether there will be films of these remains to be seen.

During the company’s recent earnings report, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said they would be “Very selective and very careful.” Regarding movie adaptations of their various games and reports VGC.

According to Strauss Zelnick, there are ongoing discussions regarding several cinematic adaptations of Take-Two games, but at the same time they are fully aware of the damage to the brands if it is not successful. Zelnick himself has a background in the world of film. For four years he was deputy managing director of 20th Century Fox and for a time was also a director of Columbia Pictures.

– It’s difficult work… I’ve had success when I’ve been involved in it, it’s very challenging, and it’s not what we do. Instead, we prefer the risk-return profile of our business.

He goes on to compare the opportunity for Take-Two to achieve “success” in the world of movies to the opportunity for Take-Two to achieve “success” in the gaming world.

-Our chances of being a “hit” on game consoles are between 80 and 90 percent. The chances of a well-running movie studio getting a “hit” are about 30 percent, which means there’s a 70 percent chance that the movie we’ve licensed won’t do well.

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– So if it works, the benefit is not small, it’s not zero, but it’s not really necessary for what we’re doing here. If that fails, we risk damaging the underlying intellectual property, so this is a high threshold.