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Michael Mando thinks a movie or TV series about Far Cry 3's Vaas is 'too close'

Michael Mando thinks a movie or TV series about Far Cry 3’s Vaas is ‘too close’

The actor has many different thoughts that he is trying to control.

One of the most famous game characters in recent years is undoubtedly Vaas Montenegro – opponent in far cry 3. Not only did he get his voice from actor Michael Mando, but he also got his looks. Today we actually see the character again, as the first part of Far Cry 6Season Pass has just been called up Fez: madness He was released today. There, however, we wouldn’t be able to play with him, but rather play like him instead.

But if Mandu chooses, it won’t be the last we see in Vaas. In an interview with the games He expresses great interest in making a TV series or movie with Vaas. He should have already spoken to, among others, Greg Russo, who directed the Mortal Kombat reboot, and must have been very interested in Vaas as a character and making a movie. Mando also spoke to the screenwriters for Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, where he will also be of interest.

I’ve also spoken to interested producers here in Los Angeles. I guess if fans really asked for it, I feel like we could give it to them, right? I think we’re very close, we’ll see how it goes.

What will this movie or series be about then? Mando imagines himself around an origin story where we see how Fez became as he became, or another concept on a “giant international scale”.

But Ubisoft then? In short, they say they are not planning any TV series or movie with Vaas.

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