– Of course, we want doctors to assume administrative duties and contribute to the good development of health care. So, it shouldn’t be like it is today, where you risk a worse salary development throughout your entire career because you became a manager, Ronnie Ohmann told Läkartidningen to the board.

Because doctors with administrative duties have historically had a good salary trend, they are not included in the central agreement between the medical union and the Swedish municipalities and regions, SKR.

– When it was decided, in the 1980s or 1990s, it was thought that managers were in such a favorable position that they were guaranteed a good outcome anyway. But in the harsh climate we are living in now, a managerial role does not guarantee a good salary, and we certainly don’t have it in the Skåne region anyway, says Ronnie Öhmann.

In addition, many managers have written off their right to overtime compensation, and because they work less on call, this compensation is also lower than that of clinically active physicians. In general, this means that the salaries of doctors with administrative duties have not risen as much as, for example, senior doctors in the clinical service, the Middle Skåne District Medical Association wrote in its proposal. Therefore, the Association wanted, among other things, that the Federal Council and the Association of Directors be tasked with reviewing how members with managerial duties receive support on the issue of salaries. They also wanted to see an investigation into the evolution of salaries for doctors with administrative duties compared to clinically active doctors.

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However, Martin Maasek of the Federal Council claimed that this issue is already a high priority and therefore the proposal should be considered answered. The council agreed.

– Ronnie Ohmann said: – The most important thing is not the decision the council makes, but the most important thing is the discussion itself, to raise awareness and get input on what it looks like in other parts of the country.