It is the seventh year in a row that the Media Academy has presented who reaches and engages with the largest number of Swedes on the biggest social channels.

This year, the poll showed JLC, a comedy trio from the Gothenburg area, topping the list. Then comes the Lawndale family, which took first place last year. Behind them are the Sweden Democrats in third place.

“Just do what we think is fun.”

This is not the first time JLC has risen to the top. In 2020, Jonas Fagerström, Lukas Simonsson and Karl Deman also took the Golden Podium.

The trio is satisfied with this year’s ranking:

-Last time was so much fun! “We only do things that we think are fun and we commit to recording them, and that is probably reflected in our numbers,” says Jonas Fagerström in a commentary.

Pops short video format

Also new for this year is that Tiktok has been given a more prominent role. According to Maktbarometern, this can be observed in several ways, but most of all in how competitors YouTube and Instagram are shifting towards the short video format.

As a result, those who are accustomed to Tiktok have quickly conquered these platforms: Tiktok was topped by Wonderboi this year, which along with Winsent Thunholm Wikman, Magic mike and the family account Foxy mama, has seen success with short films on YouTube in particular.