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Review: Downton Abbey: A New Era (2022)

Review: Downton Abbey: A New Era (2022)

Fan service is rather unbearable

The new Downton Abbey movie will be released soon. Movie star Eric Diedrich thinks you should save your money and instead watch Jimmy Fallon parodies on YouTube for free.

Three years after the first feature film It’s time to go back to the Crowley family and their castle. For a while, at least. Soon it turned out that the mother of the family Violet (Maggie SmithHe inherited a luxurious summer house on the French Riviera from a mysterious man since his youth. His surviving wife is far from happy that a fearsome Briton will take over one of his favorite homes, but the son is determined to honor his father’s wish – of course.

It won’t be long before parts of the Crowley clan prepare for a warmer climate and travel south to explore their new possessions. Those who stay get the exciting task of supervising the filming that takes place in Downton, causing Robert’s initial annoyance – but the movie pays well and the attic needs fixing.

sprinkled with gravity

This is how comfortable you can get. Photo: UIP.

Although about the TV series Downton Abbey So many times it was excellent, especially in the opening seasons, it just got too much in the end. Everything was tied together in an equally soft arc as it often happens in British dramas. The first movie was also good, even though it looked like a Christmas movie. new era However, it looks like a parody.

Almost everything “Downton” is ridiculous – Robert’s friendly pettiness, Mary’s love affair, Mr. Carson’s austerity (now he’ll show the French how a real Briton behaves), Violet’s eternal laugh. It’s a little unbearable fan service as the series’ creators, Julian FellowesGravity sprinkles one by one. Sure, it’s been a long time, but nothing sticks here. The dialogue doesn’t fly and the actors have almost non-existent chemistry.

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When the wind reflects reality

Downton Abbey: A New Era
You can also have it this warm. Photo: UIP.

Why was this movie made? We don’t even need to ask. The series was a huge success, and the film earned $100 million. Remember what I wrote about the Crowley family selling an attic renovation? This is about what happened here. I’m convinced the actors can buy their own vacation home on the French Riviera for this very relaxing party. On the other hand, if I had the chance I would have done the same.

Skip the movie ticket and instead watch one of the Jimmy Fallon Downton Abbey parodies on YouTube. It costs nothing and is more fun.

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