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Oomph!  Biggest product release ever!  |  LIVEKINDLY Nordic Collective

Oomph! Biggest product release ever! | LIVEKINDLY Nordic Collective

This fall’s releases Oumph! A total of seven new products in the largest product investment in Oumph history! It is a wide range of products launched to suit all tastes and occasions It includes a. Burgers, big packs and Asian flavours.

Vegan is having a hard time right now and losing sales in a turbulent time, which is of course very sad. But fortunately, Oumph is growing! In terms of volume it is in a declining category, enabling these types of large launches. Because our goal remains true: we have to make plants the new normal and therefore we need good, high-quality products for all occasions, says Henrik Ackermann, Global Brand Leader at Oumph!

Unique to this launch is also the Oumph Response! Due to the increasing demand for new proteins. Peas are found in many of the new products, but beans and wheat have also been used in different blends to achieve the right texture for each product. All products will be launched at ICA and at Axfood you will find Oumph! Smashburger, chicken style pieces and crispy schnitzel. gravity! The Smash Burger has already been launched in restaurant chains such as Br√∂dernas and O’Learys.

Three of the seven new products being launched will be sold in family packs weighing between 700 and 720 grams.

In these times when the consumer has less money in their wallet, it is important to produce products that are good for people, the planet and the wallet. We really took this into account when we developed our affordable family packs, which are also produced in Sweden, says Len Meyer, Head of Retail at LIVEKINDLY Collective.

The products that will be launched are:

gravity! Smashburger: Sweden’s first vegan Smash Burger. Juicy with crispy edges. Protein mixture on peas and beans.

gravity! Crispy Schnitzel in Family Pack: Crispy and delicious schnitzel that goes well with many dishes. Made from soy and peas.

gravity! Crispy Nuggets in Family Pack: Crispy and juicy nuggets. Neutral in taste and a favorite among children and adults alike. Made from soy and peas.

gravity! Ch*cken style pieces in family pack: Neutral pieces that will become your new everyday heroes. Fits pasta, salad, wraps, casseroles, etc. Made from soy.

gravity! Tonkatsu Schnitzel: Modern Japanese schnitzel with a mild pork flavor and Asian influences. Made from peas.

gravity! Korean BBQ drums: Herbal drums with a spicy Asian flavor reminiscent of Korea. Baked with a crunchy topping made from peas.

gravity! Crispy Chicken Burger (chilled): Crispy chicken burger with a crunchy coating and a juicy texture. Perfect as a burger and in the middle of a plate. Made from soy, peas and wheat.

About omf!

OMF brand! It is a big favorite in the Nordic countries and the UK. The brand was founded in 2015 in Sweden and produces epic plant-based foods for a wide audience. In recent years, the brand has achieved great success with awards such as Food of the Year 2015, Grocery of the Year 2016, Best Brand in the Global Food Innovation Award 2021, and Top 10 Recommended Brands of 2022. Oomph! Today they can be found throughout the Nordic countries, Great Britain and the Netherlands. gravity! It was acquired by LIVEKINDLY COLLECTIVE in the summer of 2020.

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