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Flying problems across the UK |  JB

Flying problems across the UK | JB

National Air Traffic Management Company NATS, which manages air traffic in the UK, said in a statement that it had imposed “traffic flow restrictions” to maintain safety. Sky News wrote that technicians are now working to fix the problem.

Scottish airline Loganair wrote on X, previously Twitter, that a “network level error occurred in the UK’s traffic management system this morning”.

According to the newspaper woman UK airspace is closed as a result of these problems.

warns of delay

However, Gatwick Airport says it is still landing and taking off on Mondays, but this contrasts with passengers whose flights have been diverted to other countries, and its website shows widespread delays between scheduled departures and arrivals.

Sky News producer Georgia Ziebart, who is stuck on a plane due to fly from Palma, Mallorca, to Gatwick, London, told the channel that planes are being diverted to France.

“The airline people here say that all the planes that were in the air when the systems went down had to divert to France or other countries, and they obviously don’t want to divert our flight, so they are keeping us here for the time being,” she says.

Many other UK airports warn of flight delays and urge travelers to check flight departure times if traveling during the day.

Welsh presenter Gabby Logan, who is waiting to fly home from Budapest, wrote on X that she had been told that “Great Britain’s airspace is closed and that we can stay here for twelve hours”.

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