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Four NATO countries appeal to Belarus

Four NATO countries appeal to Belarus

Four NATO countries appeal to Belarus

Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania claim the Russian-backed dictatorship of Belarus.

In a joint statement, NATO countries demanded that Belarus expel all mercenaries of the Russian paramilitary Wagner Group present in the country.

– We asked the regime to deport the Wagner Group immediately, Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski said, according to the Moscow Times.

Tens of thousands of soldiers

On Monday, Foreign Minister Kamensky met his counterparts from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

In a subsequent press conference, he commented on the security situation in Belarus.

According to Poland and the Baltic States, tens of thousands of Wagner soldiers are in Belarus.

This is the number the dictator wants to keep

Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko recently stated that he aims to keep at least 10,000 Wagner soldiers in the country.

A statement that angered Poland, among others.

– The film revolves around a large group of soldiers capable of doing anything, Mariusz Kaminsky confirms, and warns Belarus.

– We will close the borders in the event of a “serious border incident”.

Latvia and Lithuania also threaten to close borders in the face of dictatorship.

Along with Poland, the Baltic states claim that Belarus has begun dumping migrants at the two countries’ borders in an effort to create a massive new migration flow into the European Union.

– We call on Belarus to immediately return illegal immigrants from the border area to their countries of origin, Mariusz Kamensky stresses.

Stationed in Belarus

After the failed march of the Wagner Group to Moscow, a large part of the private army was sent to Belarus.

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The regime in Minsk took advantage of the soldiers’ presence.

The Belarusian Ministry of Defense confirmed, among other things, that the Wagner Group is training the country’s military forces.

– The ministry announced at the end of last July that the Belarusian Armed Forces are continuing their joint training with Wagner fighters.

Photo: Office of the President of Russia

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