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Endometriosis affects every tenth woman - but the disease is not taken seriously

Endometriosis affects every tenth woman – but the disease is not taken seriously

One in ten women of childbearing age suffers from endometriosis. Although this disease is very common, there are shortcomings in the care of endometriosis. Swedish company Intimina has now released a film that draws attention to the disease.

One in ten women of childbearing age has estrogen-dependent endometriosis, although not everyone has symptoms. In endometriosis, tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterine cavity.

Some of the symptoms of endometriosis are:

  • Severe pain during menstruation or ovulation
  • Pain in the lower abdomen all the time, more or less
  • Menstruation is more abundant

Another symptom is that it can be difficult to get pregnant – but according to the care guide, most people with endometriosis can still have their biological children.

‘Don’t take gynecology seriously’

In 2019, the first national assessment of endometriosis care came in. An assessment by the National Board of Health and Care then showed that there are deficiencies in Sweden with regard to knowledge and additional training in this subject, as well as with regard to patient follow-up and unequal access to specialists.

Many women with endometriosis rely on the birth control pill Qlaira to avoid symptoms. But last summer, this unique birth control pill – the difference between a pain-free life and one in which affected women are regularly forced to take time off from work and school – was reported to be sold across Sweden.

New movie draws attention to struggle for diagnosis

For many women with endometriosis, it takes several years before they are diagnosed. In the UK, for example, it takes an average of eight years for a diagnosis to be made, which the Swedish company Intimina noted through a film.

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In the film, we hear stories from women with endometriosis and their experiences waiting for a diagnosis.

Watch the powerful movie “The Wait” here:

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