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Britain wants to lure back office workers.

Britain wants to lure back office workers.

Statistics show that British office workers were the tallest in the whole of Europe to return to their workplace after the authorities issued the restrictions in July, which Swedish daily newspaper previously mentioned in .

Many remain wary and do not want to go to work. In August of this year, just over 17 per cent of employees worked on site in London and in Glasgow the corresponding figure was 10 per cent.

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Now UK employers want to lure their employees back into the office using different technologies.

Some companies, for example, offer yoga classes during lunch breaks and psychologist, dance, and music time to the office’s DJ—while others allow dogs in the office. The latter has resulted in owners setting a limit on the number of dogs that can stay on the premises per day.

London offers employees £1,000

In London, employees were given a £1,000 bonus for leaving their desks at home, according to financial times.

One insurance company has also inserted wires of different colors that indicate the distance you want other colleagues to keep in the workplace.

But not all companies want to attract their employees again. Software company Sage wants to continue working remotely and has found new solutions, and sees employees working from home for at least ten weeks each year.

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But on Tuesday, Health Minister Sajid Javid announced that it may be appropriate to introduce mouth guards into public spaces and to work remotely this fall if the pressure on the NHS health care system increases too much. Next month, the number of hospitalized patients with covid-19 could rise to 7,000 per day, according to the government’s scientific advisors.

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