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Earth's resources are already depleted for this year - Kkuriren

Earth’s resources are already depleted for this year – Kkuriren

So the Earth’s resources are running out before the New Year. Everything was enough until July 28 if you don’t live in Sweden, with our lifestyle the resources were enough until April 3. You who’s reading this might be one of those people who queued in Arlanda, owned the world’s car, and drove just as usual. Electric car dedicated to tuna.

Do you chew on meat, shipped from Brazil, get angry when you can’t buy everything you want because it might be out of stock? Do Klimatkollen from WWF, it’s exciting because you get an indication of what you can count on. You don’t want to move in at all, do you want to treat yourself to the good things in life? Well, the rest of us then, those of us who don’t just watch when the climate lights up. But you live as if we have all the time in the world, all the resources are there, and we try to do everything we can to minimize our footprint.

I’ve found that it’s not easy, it’s not enough to skip the plane or eat less meat, it’s a good start. But the most important thing is to take what’s going on, what part you have and take responsibility for your waste of resources. Lower temperature indoors, shower less, don’t buy what you don’t need and don’t throw away food!

What do we do when the water runs out and the fields burn? If you think “this doesn’t affect me” think again. Currently. It affects everyone and affects future generations more. But we can vote for a party that supports environmental initiatives and solutions, and then demand that something happen in all parts of society. We can’t worry about the little things, the bigger dangers threaten and we’re in the same boat.

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We can no longer talk about five out of twelve, but today we are five out of twelve. Speed ​​it up!