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This is what your mouth can reveal about...

This is what your mouth can reveal about…

Examination of your mouth can be a good idea to keep track of your health.
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Do your gums bleed when brushing your teeth? Does your jaw tense when you wake up?

Then it may be a good idea to look around your mouth to find out how you feel.

Eyes are supposed to be a window to yourself, and if so, your mouth is definitely a window to your health, says doctor Azad Irumlu. metro.

Examination of your mouth can be a good idea to keep track of your health.

Some underlying health problems may have gone completely unnoticed. But a peek into your mouth actually reveals a lot about how your body feels.

Doctor Azad Eromolu has listed several signs you should look for when taking a look in your mouth, Metro reports.

bleeding gums

If your gums start to bleed easily, it is usually because you brush or floss too hard. This is especially true if your oral hygiene is otherwise good.

But in some cases, bleeding gums can be a sign of their inflammation. This may be due to plaque residue on the teeth, which in turn contains bacteria.

But there could be more reasons.

There are a number of other reasons why gums start to bleed, such as vitamin deficiency, hormonal changes in women, certain medications, and poor nutrition. So, if you’re concerned, talk to your dentist, Azed Ermlo tells Metro.

There is often talk of gum disease, but in the vast majority of cases it can be cured if detected at an early stage. That’s why it’s important to have regular checkups, he says.

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Watch your gums

Another sign to watch for is if your gums are moving away from your teeth. This is a common sign of gum disease, which can increase the risk of serious health complications, including diabetes, stroke and heart disease, the paper wrote.

Your doctor will also list additional warning signs that you should watch for.

If you frequently wake up with a strained jaw, it could be a sign that you are gnashing your teeth during the night.

In addition to being annoying, it can often mean that your teeth are eroding or cracking over time, Azz Ermlo tells Metro.

Then he says dental protection can be an alternative.

Ezzed Ermelo also explains that it’s a good idea to trace your tongue, which should be red. If you discover white layers on the tongue, this may indicate underlying health problems.

Such problems are unusual but should be checked with your doctor, he says.