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Drizzle warns Lee Johnson: 'It controls their thoughts'

Drizzle warns Lee Johnson: ‘It controls their thoughts’

As it is known, the sale of Snus is prohibited throughout the UK. However, possession and use of Snus is completely legal. Sweden is the only country in the entire European Union where snus can also be sold, and it was, and still is, very popular among Allsvenskan footballers. Now Sunderland coach Lee Johnson is warning that spray use among English footballers has become a major problem.

– I see how many players are using it. That’s probably about a third or even half of the players in the locker room.

“I don’t think they are aware of how negative the spray is,” says Johnson, who coaches Sunderland, who are currently second in the English third tier.

“Ask the doctors and nurses about Snus”

Johnson has coached former senior club Sunderland since 2020. He has seen firsthand how the use of spray affects players in a negative way.

– I have players so addicted that when they are in the hospital for something else, they ask the doctors and nurses to give them a spray. Other than that, they say they get out of bed and fix it themselves, even if they just had knee surgery, he told Talksport.

The Swedish national team and Newcastle player Emil Kraft. He also says that many of his teammates use snus, but he’s not particularly concerned.

– No, I don’t notice that there are many who use snuff, but this is probably very common because I do too. But then there’s a lot more on the team that use snus, for sure. And in general in football clubs in England I know there are many who use snus.

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– I don’t find it strange. I’m from Sweden and it’s very common there. Then I can understand English because maybe here he doesn’t understand it much.

– To me, this is not strange, he says.

Have you introduced Snus to any of your teammates?

Yes, there must have been someone. But when I came to Newcastle, there were already so many people sniffing there that they knew where she was. Someone might have asked if he could test, but no more than that.

– It is not sold in stores in England, they buy well online. They take care of themselves. Otherwise I would have had to bring a full suitcase from Sweden.