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Zoe Bäckstedt treads on Father Magnus Bäckstedt's bike path

Zoe Bäckstedt treads on Father Magnus Bäckstedt’s bike path

On the bike path in Täby Park is a car from the Stockholm Cycling Union. Oscar Ekman, competition leader at the International Cycling Tour in Stockholm this weekend, boasts that the dirt on the white paint comes from Paris-Roubaix. He does not intend to wash it.

On the trunk is the note that the car was escorted in Paris-Roubaix for the youngsters a few days ago.

In the distance is Magnus Bäckstedt, the 2004 winner of the “Hell in the North” as the northern French competition is called.

Zoe Baxtedt says the track in Tabby is dry. I made it go too fast at one point in training, and I ran to the fence.

Photo: Niklas Thigerstrom

Cross bike is what road cyclists are Participate in the winter, with racing bikes on the grass tracks. A connection may exist with Paris – Roubaix, which is partly driven on 19th century cobblestone roads excavated in the French fields.

Magnus Bäckstedt and his wife Megan stand in the vests of their daughter Zoe’s team and continue her training.

The family lives in Meghan’s hometown of Wales. Meghan is also a longtime cyclist, and became a British Champion, among other things. So when Zoe Baxtedt won the World Cup in the junior class two weeks ago, she competed for Great Britain.

Magnus Bäckstedt . commented Racing at Eurosport, and was filmed trying to stick to the decision.

“I could scream, he couldn’t,” says Megan who was spotted at the finish line.

When Zoe Bäckstedt performed her courses on the track, parents are helped to secure the bike in a position holding the rear wheel, so she can pedal still for another hour.

She can only wear the white world champion jersey with rainbow stripes when the bike is on the road. She says she will take as many courses as possible next year.

– Because I want to wear it all the time.

Zoe Baxted says of the cycling world's popular name, Magnus:

“It’s fantastic,” says Zoe Baxted of the Magnus name, which is well known in the cycling world.

Photo: Niklas Thigerstrom

She doesn’t feel any pressure at all Who bore her father’s name, she says. It’s all about having fun. Her face lights up with anticipation as she talks about the competition this weekend.

A lot of people ask me if I can compete for Sweden at some point, and yes, I can, it would have been great. But the mere presence of the name – wherever you go, everyone knows it, she says with a big smile.

Her older sister Elinor already has a professional contract. A broken collarbone prevented her from attending the Paris-Roubaix women’s club for the first time last weekend.

Magnus Bäckstedt thinks it’s “crazy” that they only allow women to drive now. Both of his daughters loved the children’s version of the race, but at the age of fifteen they were no longer allowed to participate.

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Mum Megan and dad Magnus help out when Zoe Baxted is out of competition.

Photo: Niklas Thigerstrom

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Both Megan and Magnus Baxted are old cyclists, and their two daughters have followed in their footsteps. Zoe received sprints from her mother and perseverance from her father, she says.

Photo: Niklas Thigerstrom

In the car on the way home from Mini Rubiks One year Elynor wrote an email to the UCI.

– She wrote that it was a complete scandal that she should now stop entering this competition, says Magnus Bäckstedt.

But now the girls will have the opportunity to compete in the race they have been fascinated with since a young age.

– Then it is up to them, if they wish. If there can be pressure in carrying my name – that’s too much trouble, to line up in this race.

Zoe Baxted says about the future of cycling:

“I want to do it all,” Zoe Baxted says of the future of cycling. “If I could experience competing in different countries, being with my teammates who come from all kinds of places, and having fun at the same time, I couldn’t ask for more.”

Photo: Niklas Thigerstrom

Zoe Baxtedt was born the same way Years as her father won in Paris – Rubix. But when they watch the race on TV, he talks about every little bend and hole.

The experience we get every year from seeing it and living with it makes me want to drive it. Zoe says it’s a great race to run.

– Although it’s pretty scary, says Abi Baxted.

– Yes, scary. But that’s what I do, right. For driving fast on slippery surfaces.

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