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Double penalty kick when Switzerland retaliates

Double penalty kick when Switzerland retaliates

Switzerland is rejoicing after one of the goals in its 8-1 victory over Slovakia.

© Roman Koksarov / AP / TT
Switzerland is rejoicing after one of the goals in its 8-1 victory over Slovakia.

It really is all about the Hockey World Cup.

Just look at Switzerland, who made Slovakia after 0-7 against Tre Kronor.

Switzerland won 8-1, among other things, from two penalty kicks of the Slovak game.

Rattlesnakes have been piled high at the Hockey World Cup in Latvia so far, and they have created a nest for wasps, not least in Group A.

Switzerland entered the table match against Slovakia, losing 7-0 to Sweden in close memory. Much of the Slovakian dismissal ended up – including two penalties – and an 8-1 victory for the Swiss outclass.

Processing head ugly

Slovakia started off strong, but the match was completely transformed after Christian Busbecil’s brain fell almost seven minutes before the match. An ugly elbow tackle on Andres Ampole’s head resulted in a penalty kick in the match and on the numerical superiority that followed, Rafael Diaz made the score 1-0 for Switzerland.

After 25 seconds after the second half, Sven Andregeto put in 2-0 and then moved to Switzerland. The Slovaks continued to be sent off – in the third game Meslav Rosandic also received a match penalty, according to the official match report after he spat on an opponent or referee – and Switzerland continued to benefit from that.

After two periods the score was 4-0, and when the match ended it was 8-1. Five of the eight Swiss goals came out strong.

Sweden is second in line

Thus, the top three in the group, in addition to Switzerland and Slovakia also the Russian national team, stand at nine points after four of eight rounds.

Behind that, the other five teams have anything but to give up a spot in the quarter-finals. Denmark is four points with five, Great Britain five (4), Belarus six (4), Sweden is seventh (3) and the Czech Republic is the last with two points. However, Sweden and the Czech Republic have a match to spare, and tonight’s meeting between the two teams will be key to the future.

In Group Two, the United States scored its third victory in four matches, beating Latvia 4-2. Germany and the United States lead this group with nine points, and Finland, Kazakhstan and Latvia are trailed by seven points.

Nevertheless, Finland takes the lead in tonight’s match against Italy.

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