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Feel so terribly unworthy

After two spells in today’s match against the Czech Republic, it felt as though Sweden were still struggling to reach the quarter-finals. However, this changed at the start of the third half because in just over eight minutes the Czech Republic had scored three goals. curtain.
It’s frustrating and now Sweden’s failure is approaching. It’s a terrible feeling of unworthiness because this team has once again shown that there is potential and a level high.

The losses against Denmark and Belarus remain a wet cover for Tre Kronor this tournament. Eight bad minutes against the Czech Republic today means in all likelihood that we will not see Tre Kronor play in the quarter-finals, which has never happened since the current system was introduced in 1992.
Looking at how Tre Kronor played the last two games against Switzerland and the Czech Republic, I’m frustrated that they sat in that tough seat.
This team still has potential and I think this group could have grown together and really play well in the playoff game.
Unfortunately, we will probably never know.
Sweden must get at least seven points (and possibly more) against Great Britain, Russia and Slovakia to go to the qualifiers.
I find it difficult to see that happen. Russia is simply very good, and even if Sweden beat both Great Britain and Slovakia, that would not be enough.

In the early years, I liked the way Johan Garbenlov coached when he met the series with Andreas Wingerley, Max Friberg and Jessper Freuden shortly after Wingerley’s 1-0 lead. The series had energy and was able to move the game again and fix Powerplay which Rickard Raquel later managed to score 2-0.
As much as he trained at the time, he trained just as badly in the final stages when he faced the series with Victor Olofsson, Marcus Sorensen and Isaac Lundstrom on offensive techniques seven and four minutes before the match.
Was this series so good that it had to be matched tight when chasing a target? Olofsson could have ice time for his X-factor in the form of goalscorer and shot, but Lundeström?
When I next chose the goalkeeper. Where was Adrian Kimbe?
He’s the one to get in there first, right?
And a time out when I saw where did we bark at the beginning of the third period?
There you have to check yourself out.

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Although it was a difficult and expensive loss, many players wake up and touch their best personal. Magnus Negrin, Oscar Lindberg, Bar Lindholm, Jonathan Bodas, Andreas Wingerley, Max Freiburg, Adam Reedborn and, to some extent, also Jisper Freuden, were responsible for accomplishments that exceeded my expectations.

Sweden is headed for failure, a lost quarter-final loss. We have to be honest about that.
I think it’s a shame because I still insist that this team has the potential. There is still a chance to save this, but then it takes a simple miracle.
The losses suffered by the blueberry countries Denmark and Belarus are said to have cost a lot.
It is not worthy of a Swedish national team.

Another heavy loss for Johan Garpenlov and Trey Kronor. Photo: Simon Hastegård / BILDBYRÅN

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