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The expulsion of the parcel destroyed the opportunity for Denmark to bark Aftonbladet


Russian Dmitry Voronorkov (in red) and Jessper Jensen in a puck battle in front of the Danish goal.

Photo: Oksana Dzadan / AP / TT

Russian Dmitry Voronorkov (in red) and Jessper Jensen in a puck battle in front of the Danish goal.


Denmark shook Russia for nearly two periods.

But the poorly timed dismissal was the beginning of the end of the opportunity.

Russia scored in the expulsion and ultimately won the World Cup match 3-0.

At 0-0 and just over two minutes into the second half, Danish striker Niklas Andersen was sent off an unnecessary high club in the attacking zone.

Russia, which was very lazy, took advantage of the situation and Ivan Morozov made it 1-0 just 41 seconds before the end of the second half.

– Matthias Lasen, Malmopaken, told SVT: – It’s really sad that we hit this goal against us, we’re doing well and creating chances.

In the third stage, the Russians secured the victory. San Jose striker Alexander Barabanov fired 2-0 after 9.41, and Dmitry Voronkov added 3-0.

Russia is not impressive, and after two initial victories over the Czech Republic and Great Britain, the team fell against Slovakia and now makes a pale effort against Denmark.

The Russian team, called ROC (Russian Olympic Committee) during the World Cup after being punished by doping against Russian sports, scored nine points after four games.

Denmark is still four-fifth in the table.

In the second group, Kazakhstan continues to roar. With defender Victor Svedberg returning after being suspended, Kazakhstan turned their 1-2 defeat into a 3-2 win over Germany.

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It was the nation’s third victory in four matches, and Germany’s first loss came after three consecutive victories earlier.

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