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Developer 'can't justify the costs' of Rec Room on PSVR2

Developer 'can't justify the costs' of Rec Room on PSVR2

And Sony PSVR2 games? Three have been released, and nothing new has been announced.

Recreation room Available for a range of VR headsets, but not for Sony's nearly year-old PSVR2. Reason: cannot be financially justified.

Cameron Brown, one of the founders of the studio behind the game, offers this message Question and answer session On Reddit. He says they thought about it, but had to say it would require too much work and wouldn't make “economic sense.”

There are no current plans to bring RR to PSVR2. We looked into it, it's a non-trivial port, and we couldn't find a way to make it economic sense.

In an ideal world, we'd love to bring RR to PSVR2, but we can't justify the cost based on the numbers. Sighs, I know, but it's the truth.

Recreation room It is a free-to-play game where revenue comes from in-game purchases. Apparently, it's believed that there aren't enough PSVR2 gamers eager to buy in to give the project any traction. Game with and without VR, for platforms such as First PSVR, Meta Quest, SteamVR, Windows, PS5 and PS4.

But the door to a PSVR2 release isn't closed. The developer says in a comment DownloadableVR It may come in the future, if it can be financially justified. Furthermore, the game will be coming to more platforms during the year, although it's unclear which one or which one.

PSVR2 turns one year old on February 22nd. there Lots of games To the machine and more are on the way in 2024, but Sony itself is surprisingly negative about contributing. They've only released three (3) games of their own for their VR headsets (or two: Gran Turismo 7 It was already released when it got VR support). No new games have been announced, so the hope for PSVR2 rests with third-party developers.

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