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Water reveals multiple spread of infection in the summer city

In Kalmar, the content of the Covid-19 virus has tripled since last week – and in Uppsala, the outbreak is 89 times greater than it was a year ago.

Shows wastewater where virus level is measured every Monday.

– The reason for the popularity in Kalmar may be the fact that many people go there on holiday now. But that’s just speculation, says Anna Sekely, an environmental microbiologist at SLU.

The Kalmar region wrote in a press release that infections increased in the summer city: “not least in several municipal operations.”

Anna Sekele of the Swedish Agricultural University, SLU, where the samples are being analyzed, believes you should continue to track the increase in Kalmar until you can draw better conclusions.

They need to know what it will look like next Monday as well, when the water will be measured and analyzed again.

– It happened before that the spread was 3 times higher, but it will probably be a big increase.

hostel in malmö

In Örebro, the level of the virus was also higher than last week, while infections in Malmö were down from last week’s measure.

– It is not expected to rise during the summer. We saw a peak after midsummer just about everywhere, but then it declined. Now that growth is picking up again, says Anna Sekele.

In Uppsala, the virus content in wastewater is 89 times higher than it was at the same time last summer.

– We have the same method we used a year ago.

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Measurement of the virus content in Swedish wastewater began in August 2020 in Uppsala, after which water analysis began at several sites.

It may now be the method that gives the most reliable results because there is no longer a public test in the country.

Our method isn’t biased, but everyone contributes to wastewater, regardless of whether you have symptoms or whether testing is offered where you live, says Anna Sekely.

Measurements in wastewater can be the most reliable way to measure the spread of infection.

‘More deaths’

In a press release confirms Public Health Authority The spread of infection has become greater.

We have increased social spread, which means there could be more hospitalizations and also more people dying from COVID-19, says Anneli Karlander, unit head at the Public Health Agency.

The past few months may have been a relief for many Swedes on vacation. But the truth is that the infection has accelerated again.

The levels we see now are higher than last summer. But we’re not in the same position as last winter when omicron first became popular, says Anneli Carlander.

It is most worrisome for the elderly. Cases are increasing among people who live in special housing for the elderly and people who have home care.

– Several areas are confirming the increased prevalence of infection in the care of the elderly, and we are taking this seriously. It is important to follow routines that need to be in place to reduce the risk of infection for the elderly and frail. Anneli Carlander says it’s also important for everyone over the age of 65 to take the extra doses of the vaccine being given.

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