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High End 2024 – Audiovector Ri11?  Upgrade your 2.5M flagship

High End 2024 – Audiovector Ri11? Upgrade your 2.5M flagship

When I asked the representative in the listening room at Audiovector what the situation is with the R11 Arreté flagship amplifier, if the R11 MKII is the best one at the moment and we got the answer that the R11 has been discontinued then the natural follow-up question comes when will there be a sequel?

The actor had difficulty holding his mask but explained that we don't know at the moment but it may not be completely impossible for something to come, considering that the R11 was launched in 2010 14 years ago, you can imagine that with the newly developed triple element , the new 12-inch item for Trapeze, and the launch of the first “Ri” speaker, it's not entirely unreasonable to see a sequel in the future carrying the banner. We hope so!

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If not, there will be a launch, and for every person sitting on 2.5 million R11 Arreté speakers, (like 4 people I think!) and feeling like they want an upgrade, we have a very reliable source who says there is a possibility of it!

The upgrade is described as significant, with much better components, new speakers with higher detail, new cryogenic processing and fine-tuning of all electrical and mechanical parameters done in 14 parts/steps. You also get a new unit that has resistant aluminum speaker terminals, a new crossover filter and internal cabling, which should give a marked improvement in the coherence of the front elements. In short, your speakers should look like new when all the updates are done.

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Other elements haven't been upgraded, however, so sound quality should get a big boost even there due to better components and updated circuitry. The same goes for the midrange, which gets an upgraded three-point suspension/mounting system, providing better clarity and improved dynamics.

The cost is DKK 189,000 including VAT (about SEK 293,000) to convert an R11 Arreté to an R11 Arreté MKII. Audiovector needs about three weeks for the speakers to continue the process.

So for those of you who find a little gear under your sofa cushions, you can keep your latest speakers for many more years. Exactly, the not-so-secret reliable source is Uli Klevoth.

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