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Haren in the story – the last part

Haren in the story – the last part

The Saluki has a mouth like a digger. Photo: Gunnar Westeren

Gunnar Westeren believes that the research done on the rabbit has never been on par with its popularity. Science has missed something!

I've been hiking in the mountains since I was 15, but I've never met a scientist who researched grayling in its appropriate environments. Living with a rabbit has given me valuable knowledge, both as a hunter and a hiker.


The Saluki has a very unique shape in its mouth, somewhat like a backhoe. One night at Sandåslandet, two giant graylings came swimming up the belt, stopped and literally attacked the sandbank under the water's surface. When the water finally cleared, they were left gaping with a large maggot in their mouths. The fish were brown with sand on their backs, before they finally swam away. Magic moment.


During regular insect hatching periods, grizzlies usually gain momentum. They chase wild game, and climb to catch dragonflies… but do you miss them? It has happened that the same fish lost the same dragonfly three or four times before it clung to food. A fairly common phenomenon. Do fish spawn or is there a biological explanation? What I want to say is that grayling, many years ago, lived in our inland seas and fed on a completely different menu. Perhaps they later ascended into the countryside with coal from historic Lake Ancilus? Who knows, the thought raises uncertainty.

Straight path

One thing I've studied is the migration of grayling upstream on our partly shallow mountain streams. Grayfish seem to follow a straighter “street” in the current and rarely cross the paths of other fish. However, they can “queue” in the same aisle, as long as insects float by and all seems quiet. So you have to place the fly three meters in front of the fish, on the right street, so to speak. If a grizzly swims into the “gar” area, there is usually a splash and a fight.

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Gunnar Western

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