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Tip for a bright (OLED?) laptop mainly for streaming movies and handling simpler games

Tip for a bright (OLED?) laptop mainly for streaming movies and handling simpler games

Hey, knowledgeable people!

The HP Envy laptop I bought in 2016 – 8GB, 64-bit, Inter(R) Core(™) i5-6200U 2.3GHz, – is getting a bit slow, won't even fix Win11…

Wondering if I can get some advice on which new laptop (14″-16″) has better cream?

He likes HP, but is open to other more affordable laptops (budget around SEK 14-16,000).

I keep my laptop mostly for day to day stuff, I run a lot of Excel and my heaviest thing is streaming movies 🙂

As a bonus, I'd like to find a laptop that, in addition to the above, can run some fairly heavy games to distract me (I'm not a gamer), without the fan running and making noise (I hope that combo is possible) – I really like laptops Quiet (and I don't like loud mao fan noise).

Do you have a great 4K external monitor and want your new laptop to be able to power it all (which my old laptop couldn't do) – hence wondering if I need a 4K laptop with a discrete graphics card?

Other specs I want my laptop to have are a matte display, 120Hz refresh, a backlit keyboard (preferably the same good ones as the Macbook Air) – good connectivity options (hdmi, dual USB-C, Regular USB, etc.) so I can connect dual external monitors, external hard drives, etc., etc.). Preferably the screen should be very bright so that movies can be used/watched outside using it (OLED?). The latest Wifi version (6) is also the best to be able to fix HD streaming (and maybe an ethernet port?). I don't think I need a touch screen. Anything else to think about?

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It's great to receive suggestions in my thread – preferably supplemented with links that I can refer to in my additional thoughts 🙂

// Engy

PS: I think my built-in WiFi is starting to break down – I bought a great new Asus router a couple of weeks ago, but my laptop stutters and loses connection a little every now and then – any suggestions on an affordable external USB network card while I'm shopping for a computer New laptop? s