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Democracy warning lights are flashing locally and globally – Östersunds-Posten newspaper

Democracy warning lights are flashing locally and globally – Östersunds-Posten newspaper

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At the time democracy was established With democracy in turmoil around the world, even small signs of its decline are becoming increasingly clear. This phenomenon extends from our local communities to the broader European arena, where Sweden, despite being one of the world's most democratic countries, is not immune to pressures that test our democratic strength.

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Growing skepticism towards democracy among young people, with one in five young people wondering whether democracy is really the best form of government, reflects a worrying trend. Meanwhile, voter turnout in vulnerable areas of Sweden is declining in the wake of widening gaps in the economy and education.



Another cornerstone In a functioning democratic society, there is a separation between political decisions and the exercise of power. But reports from municipalities such as Horby and Are, where politicians are trying to control the work of the administration, reflect a worrying trend that is also echoed within the European Union, where political interference threatens to undermine the work of independent institutions.

elephant Recently, another high-ranking official was forced to resign, an example of how the abolition of political rule can undermine democracy. Here the voices of individual developers were allowed to have more weight than those of expert officials when it came to questions about how common lands were used.

Lands in areas threatened by the various impacts of climate change, erosion, flooding and encroachment on sensitive nature. They let short-term financial interests trump the competence of their staff as well as the opinion of expert bodies, citizen concerns, current legislation and the long-term view in climate and nature management.

In Crocom The political majority has changed routines and restricted access to documents presented to political committees. A change that gives the opposition a new reality, with limited transparency and worse conditions for participation in democratic processes. This development reflects a broader cloud of anxiety over Europe, where restrictions on press freedom and openness are seen as serious threats to democracy.


Our local reality and the challenges we face here at home are part of a larger European context. When the Sweden Democrats and other parties celebrate leaders in Hungary and other authoritarian states who challenge the European Union's democratic values, we must ask ourselves how we can strengthen democracy not only in our own country, but also as part of a larger European community.


Therefore, it is crucialThat, together across party lines, we actively pay attention to and oppose any form of dismantling of our democracy. It is a democratic responsibility that applies not only at home, but we also need to participate and contribute to the broader European dialogue on democracy.

By joining forces across country and party lines, we can ensure that democracy survives, and even thrives – both at the local level and across the European Union. The day we take democracy for granted, we will lose it.

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Karin Thomasson (MP) Candidate for the European Union Parliament

Eva Ljöngdahl (MP), leader of the group Crocum

Johan Ahlgren (MP) Member of the Aare Community Planning Committee