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Spain declares disaster in La Palma - club support package

Spain declares disaster in La Palma – club support package

The eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Canary island of La Palma approaches the sea. On Tuesday morning, the lava was barely a kilometer from the water, writes Spanish Country.

The damage to the island is great. In addition to 600 homes, the lava that has flowed since September 19 has destroyed churches and banana plantations. More than 6000 people were forced from their homes. Now the Spanish government classifies the area as a disaster area, according to Reuters.

Tuesday’s decision He managed to take new emergency measures on the island, including an initial support package worth more than 100 million Swedish kronor. The money will go to mitigate the financial damage done to the islanders. The support packages will also contribute to rebuilding the community after the outbreak.

“We will not leave anyone behind,” government spokeswoman Isabel Rodriguez told El País newspaper.

According to the Canary Islands Volcanic Institute, Cumbre Vieja has entered a new phase, with fewer eruptions than before. However, the lava flow is not expected to stop in the near future. On Monday, the institute announced that the outbreak could last between 24 and 84 days.

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