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Accessory for the new royal couple – in millions: “The best” |  the world

Accessory for the new royal couple – in millions: “The best” | the world

King Frederick of Denmark and Queen Mary could count on a large addition to his coffers.

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“We have a royal home that we can be proud of,” Mette Frederiksen said in a statement.

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Many Danes have a tradition of watching the Queen's New Year's speech, but 2023 has made most people skip New Year's dinner. Margaret then revealed that she had decided to abdicate.

Just days ago she had spoken to her son Frederik and Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen. Even when it came to changing thrones, it was quick. Early on January 14, Frederick was declared king and Mary queen – in front of an enormous crowd outside Christiansborg Castle.

The government is now working on providing a slightly larger budget for the new royal couple to move around.

It's a clear tribute to the new king and queen behind it.

“The Kingdom of Denmark has received a new royal couple, and therefore new financial frameworks for the royal family must be created. The government wants to use this reason to secure the financial resources of the royal family in the future,” says Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen in a statement, and believes that the new royal couple represents Denmark in the best way. Possible.

The Danish government wants to give the Royal House more money

The total amount that the state proposes to contribute increases from 126.5 million Danish kroner to 143.8 million, equivalent to 222 million Swedish kroner.

Crown Prince Christian Pre-locked He gets his own budget of 7 million Danish kroner on the day he moves away from home.

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Queen Margrethe, who continues to carry out the duties of the royal house despite her abdication, receives an annual allowance of 12 million kunas. This sum will ensure that she will be able to “maintain a suitable court”.

On April 19, Parliament (the Danish equivalent of the Riksdag) will vote. If the proposal is approved, it will apply retroactively to February 1.

Meanwhile, the government is looking at castles. Castle of worry Which the royal family had previously been allowed to dispose of, although it belonged to the state, they must now leave. But the government also wants the public sector to bear the costs of all necessary renovations for the castles, as they belong to cultural heritage.

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