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Coca-Cola invests in sponsoring music videos for Swedish artists

Coca-Cola invests in sponsoring music videos for Swedish artists

For two years now, Coca-Cola has had a visible investment in becoming part of Swedish popular culture. Now they are taking the next step with a new investment in sponsoring music videos and marketing for Swedish artists. The first to take part in the cooperation is the former FO&O member Omar Rudberg.

– We are very pleased to inform you that Omar Rudberg is the number one in our big music project and we hope fans will appreciate both the song and the music video for “Alla ba ouff”. He also says we look forward to introducing the remaining artists soon Victoria Adolfson, Coca-Cola Brand Manager in Sweden.

Collaboration is via United Screens Music.

Investing in music in Sweden is new for us at Coca-Cola. The Swedish music scene is growing, and we are delighted to work with some of the best artists the country has to offer. Together with talented and creative artists, we were able to create amazing music videos that touch and interact. Finally, all fans can take part in it, says Victoria Adolfson.

Similar collaborations, where brand sponsors in exchange for product offering, for example, have become increasingly popular in recent years in the United States. Last year, Nike products weren’t just showing up in Drakes “Laugh now, cry later” – video But also other contracted Nike profiles. The same video was recorded at Nike’s headquarters in Oregon, and Drake himself released several high-profile collaborations with Nike.