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Apple has no plans to weave macOS with iPadOS

Apple has no plans to weave macOS with iPadOS

In an interview with TechCrunch where the focus was on the new power pack of the Apple iPad Pro, questions were raised about its future.

IPad Pro was recently updated with the M1 chip, 16GB RAM and a small LED screen in the classroom with their XDR display. This has led many to question whether Apple intends to integrate macOS and iPadOS together when they are now powered by the same chip.

Recently interviewed by Greg Gozoiak of Apple (SvP for Global Marketing) and John Turnus (SvP for Hardware Technology) TechCrunch That’s where iPad Pro has been widely discussed. During the interview, we were told how wonderful it would be to give iPad Pro this space so that it could grow and give developers this opportunity to be able to launch powerful apps for iPad Pro. One example cited is that before the iPad Pro appeared on the market, Photoshop for iPadOS did not exist. When asked next about the difference for MacBook and iPad consumers, Joswiak replied:

“They (the iPad / Mac) are on opposite ends of the intellectual spectrum, and the truth is that neither of them is correct. We are proud that we are working really hard to be able to offer the best products in every category.”

It also adds that consumers use this product with the right tools at the right time. TechCrunch writer Matthew Panzarino himself wrote in the article that Apple will likely continue to refuse to enter into the debate about integrating macOS and iPadOS.

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Source: TechCrunch