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SpaceX makes the Starship's first successful landing.  This time the explosion was not over

SpaceX makes the Starship’s first successful landing. This time the explosion was not over

Yesterday, SpaceX performed another test with a prototype of its Starship spacecraft and for the first time, they managed to land a massive rocket without exploding. Starship SN15 (“Series # 15”) is said to have been somewhat tweaked from its predecessors and SpaceX wrote about SN15:

“The SN15 contains vehicle improvements across structures, avionics and software, and engines that will allow for greater speed and efficiency during production and flight: specifically, a new improved avionics suite, an updated rear edge propulsion architecture, and a new Raptor engine design and settings.”

SN15 reached an altitude of about 10 kilometers and then returned to Earth and roll and landed at the SpaceX facility in Boca Chica. There was a slight fire upon landing but it was extinguished about 20 minutes after the boat landed.

You can check out a short clip from the landing above and the entire flight with Starship SN15 below. Unfortunately, it was very cloudy over Boca Chica yesterday so it does not appear that the cameras on the ground received any images of the vehicle’s actual rotation.

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