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CIA: Foreign Power Not Behind the Havana Syndrome

CIA: Foreign Power Not Behind the Havana Syndrome

The US media cites several officials involved in the CIA investigation into the phenomenon that first surfaced in 2016 among diplomats in the Cuban capital, Havana. Since then, similar cases of headaches, nausea and possible brain damage have occurred among diplomats and intelligence agents in Australia, Austria, China, Colombia, Germany and Russia, among other countries.

Researchers previously questioned the theory that the cases were caused by Russian microwave attacks, saying there was no single explanation for the reported cases.

Not clear in some cases

According to the CIA report, foreign interference cannot be completely ruled out in about 20 unexplained cases that will continue to be investigated.

In hundreds of other cases with possible symptoms, intelligence services have found plausible and alternative explanations, says an NBC media source.

The results are preliminary so far, and run until the final report is ready, according to NBC sources.

CIA Director William J. Burns said in a statement quoted by the New York Times: “While we have achieved some significant results, we are not ready.”

affected by disappointment


“We will continue our mission to investigate these incidents and provide world-class care to those in need.”

Many of those affected are disappointed with the CIA investigation and wrote in a statement that it “could not have the last word on the matter.”

Parallel investigations into the syndrome are underway.