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Trump refused - summoned for questioning about economic crime

Trump refused – summoned for questioning about economic crime

Donald Trump has consistently called for civil and criminal investigations into his business activities for political witch hunts. Intermittent attempts to stop them were unsuccessful, and instead Democratic Attorney General Letitia James decided on Thursday to summon him for questioning under oath on January 7.

Meanwhile, Manhattan Attorney General Cyrus Vance is conducting a criminal investigation into Trump’s business conduct, which now means the former US president has two ways to go. Referring to the constitutional right not to be questioned while risking complicating matters for himself, Trump may refrain from participating in criminal justice proceedings, but there is a risk of leaving him in limbo in civil court.

State suspects It is in both cases that Trump and his administration have manipulated the value of the company. In short, the Trump Organization must have overstated its assets when it was necessary to borrow money, and, on the contrary, must have understated them when it comes to accounting for taxes.

Letitia James is running for New York’s next governor, but she overturned the decision on Thursday because she has “a number of significant ongoing investigations and ongoing cases” that she intends to complete, and is therefore aiming for her re-election as attorney general. Donald Trump is not personally accused of any crime, but his long-time CFO Allen Weisselberg was indicted earlier this year.

Donald Trump and Allen Weisselberg in January 2017.

Photo: Evan Vucci/AP

Weisselberg is 74 years old However, he quickly reached an agreement on immunity from prosecution against sincerely cooperating with federal investigators – a statement described as “Trump’s ultimate nightmare.” Another setback for Trump occurred recently at the end of the summer when the Department of Justice, after many years of legal back-and-forth, decided to instruct the IRS to release Trump’s statements.

Historically, no former US president has faced criminal charges. Depending on what points such a thing would contain for Donald Trump, he risks significant damage and even imprisonment in sentencing. In addition to the economic crimes in New York, a long series of investigations are underway into Trump’s actions before, during and after the presidency in different parts of the United States, including various attempts to overthrow the results of the 2020 election.

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