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Charles loses grandchildren - call for Harry and Megan

Charles loses grandchildren – call for Harry and Megan

Prince Harry and Mrs. Megan left the British Royal Family in January 2020 and moved to California. The situation between the couple and the rest of the royal family has been frozen since Megan accused a member of the royal family of racism in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

But Harry’s father Charles is now said to want to improve the relationship with his son and his family. Charles invited Meghan and Harry to stay with him the next time the couple came to England. Court sources say the main reason is that Charles wants to spend time with his grandchildren.

– The prince laments that he could not meet his grandchildren whom he really missed. He is a wonderful grandfather and wants to be like that. It is fair to say that when he was not allowed to know about Harry’s children, he felt that something was missing in his life. He hopes this will change, which is why he has invited Harry, Megan and the kids to come and stay with him when he gets home, a source in court told Mirror.

Harry, Megan, son Archie and daughter Lilliput on the family Christmas card.

Photo: Alexei Lubomysky

Charles never met Lilliput

Charles has never met Harry and Megan’s daughter Lilliput, who was born in June last year. He had not met Archie, the prince and the princess’ two-year-old son, for six months.

According to sources, Charles Megan and Harry are said to have been offered the opportunity shortly before Christmas. It is hoped that the Prince and Princess will return to the UK on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Anniversary in June, which marks Queen Elizabeth’s 70th birthday. According to sources, there are signs of optimism in recent times.

– Has had many good and pleasant video conversations with Charles Harry, Megan and grandchildren. A source in the court told Mirror that he had always expected this.

However, Harry recently said he could not return to Britain because he no longer had the right to bodyguards who had been his royalty.

“Without police protection, their safety is in grave danger,” the prince’s legal staff wrote in a statement to the British Home Office. Daily Mail And continued:

“Without security, the prince and his family cannot return home.”

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