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Tsunami: Great disaster in Tonga

Tsunami: Great disaster in Tonga

The island nation of Tonga has been hit the hardest.

It has been clear since the first real update on the island’s situation after the tsunami.

100,000 people

An underwater volcano erupted 6.5 miles north of Noku-Aloba, the capital of Tonga, on Saturday. Tonga is located in the east of Australia and north of New Zealand and has a population of 100,000.

The country gained independence from Great Britain in 1970.

Heard up to America

The largest volcanic eruption ever heard in the United States caused huge water waves. The BBC reports that Tonga was cut off on the way to Peru, 1,000 km across the Pacific Ocean, and two people drowned in the waves. But the situation is unknown due to lack of communication in Tonga and surrounding areas.

Tried to save the dog

Tongan authorities have not reported any casualties, but it is known that a British woman died while trying to save her dog. Australia and New Zealand have sent rescue planes to retrieve the area and obtain more information.

The great catastrophe

Now comes the first update of the Tongan government

– Government’s message on the situation in the country caused by the unprecedented disaster, tsunami volcano eruption.

Large amount of ash

The ashes caused by the volcanic eruption have turned gray. Usually the colorful environments are actually drenched in gray, and aerial photographs show only the outer coast having a different color; Light brown beach color.

All the houses were demolished

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The Tongan government has confirmed three deaths, including two Tongan residents and a British citizen. The government also says some islands outside the island have been hit hard. All the houses on one island have been destroyed and only two houses remain on the second island.

Horrible scenes

It is feared that a significant number of people may have died, but no figures are available. Hard work and horrific scenes await rescue workers, who are now about to recover the most affected area.

The main island of Tonga has also been severely affected.

Positive information

– Significant damage, say those sent with New Zealand’s rescue plan to the main island off the west coast of Tongatabu.

However, the Red Cross has positive information.

– Based on our information, we believe that the situation in the most populous areas is not as catastrophic as we initially feared. So this is very good news, Katie Greenwood of the Fiji branch of the Red Cross tells the BBC News.


A significant portion of Tonga’s population lives on land in other countries, such as Australia and New Zealand, and for them it’s an unpleasant and tense wait in recent days.

According to the Facebook post of Ha’atafu Beach Resort, the resort has been destroyed and the coastal areas of western Tongatabu have been completely destroyed.

Photo: V. Russell