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Searching for a new king for the British Isles

Searching for a new king for the British Isles

The small island of Peel Island today has a 300 year old pub and a castle built in the 14th century. The fort is believed to have been built for defensive reasons and is of historical significance today. Visitors to the island can camp in designated camping areas, go to the pub, or walk through the ruins of the castle and along the coast.

However, since July, the island has been without an honest leader.

Today, the municipality has been managing the island, but for ten years now has been looking for a person to take care of the pub called “Ship Inn” and take full responsibility for the island. The BBC writes that the tasks include “maintenance of the dock, maintenance of the area around the bay and maintenance of the camp site and the toilet and bathroom area”.

The person who gets the job, sits in the old chair, wears a helmet, carries a sword, pours wine on his head, and is traditionally crowned “King of Peel”.

The island is described as a “unique place” in the only permanent residence and job advertisement on “The King of Peel”, and those who choose to live and work there must respect the “island’s limitations of power and weather”.

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