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Arkivbild – en Black lives matter-demonstrant i London i augusti 2020.

British report on racism accused of drawing beauty – News (Echo)

– The study does not deny the existence of racism, what we did not find was evidence of the whereabouts of institutional racism, says Tony Sewell, who led the new study to BBC.

The conclusion provokes heated debate.

The report is a beautiful long board to please government offices, Halima Begum, head of the Runnymede Research Centre, tells the BBC.

According to the report appears For example, the results of the study show that pupils from several different minority groups in the UK on average perform better in school than white pupils, and that income differentials associated with ethnic background have historically been low and for employees under the age of 30 can hardly be noticable.

The study claims that the differences that still exist in British society in this regard can be better explained by socio-economic factors or based on geographical factors such as where one lives.

According to the study, the UK has come such a long way that it can be considered a leader for other similar countries in this regard.

The study critics are strong He disagrees and points to statistics that show, among other things, that minorities in the UK have been hit hard by the Covid-19 virus and that black women are four times more likely to die in childbirth than white women.

Conlon Allud of Voice for Change believes there is a danger of complacency but also excessive pessimism regarding the spread of racism in the UK.

Recommendation: stop ghee

The study comes with twenty-four recommendations to the government on what can be done to achieve greater equality between different population groups in the UK. Among other things, longer school days over a certain period of time for certain groups that have been left behind during the pandemic, better career counseling for older students in disadvantaged groups, and more research into why some minorities perform better than others.

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In addition, the study recommends against using the British acronym BAEM, which stands for “Black, Asian, and Ethnic Minority”, because the situation according to the new study for these groups is very different.