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campaign to survive 4

Many of you are asking the same question: When will the fourth season of Drive to Survive be released on Netflix?
Now it’s over.
The fourth season of the popular series will be released on March 11th.

campaign to survive 4
What do we see from the fight? (TT)

Finally, it’s time for Drive to Survive 4 season. We’re going to have a very exciting season once again. We see the first sprint races, see McLaren win races and experience the thrilling fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen once again. But can we really get behind the scenes in that fight? Do you see what really happened during and after the races in the UK and Italy?
How does Netflix cut that piece when the protagonist chooses a boycott?
Max Verstappen decided not to talk to Netflix because he didn’t want to be in Drive to Survive Season 4.

– The world champion told the Associated Press last fall that he faked a competition that didn’t even exist.

– That’s why I decided not to join. I don’t do more interviews because there is nothing they can show.

The question is is this true? He’s the world champion and an important piece of the puzzle for Netflix. The popular series has increased interest in Formula 1 all over the world and is attracting people who were not previously interested in racing to sit in front of the TV.

In the United States, the number of sports viewers has doubled in the past three years, and last fall that was the audience record when Formula 1 came to Austin, Texas. It was said that 360,000 people visited the track during the three days of competition and a large percentage of the visitors had never seen F1 firsthand.

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When does Drive to Survive Season 4 premiere on Netflix?

Interest in the championship has never been greater in the country which is so important to Formula One owners and this year the US has two races on the calendar, in Miami and Austin. All dates and times are here.
– I understand that the series is necessary to increase interest in the United States. But from my perspective as a driver, I don’t want to participate, Max Verstappen told the Associated Press before last year’s competition in Texas.

campaign to survive 4
Verstappen bojkottar Drive to Survive (TT)

He felt the quotes had been taken out of context to spark controversy and rivalry in previous seasons of Drive to Survive. When asked by the Associated Press if Lewis Hamilton was a contender, he replied:

– Maybe we’re on a Netflix series. We went to each other once when we walked, so it’s likely to be there.

On the other hand, the drivers and other team members are delighted with the interest the series has generated. One of them is Lewis Hamilton, who has won seven World Cup titles, most recently in 2020.

– I can hardly count the number of letters and emails I’ve received from people I’ve known in the US for many years, but they didn’t understand what I was doing before. Now that they are stuck in the sport and want to get into the race, Lewis Hamilton said regarding the 2021 Texas GP.

– I think the series is good and it’s great to see the response it’s getting.

Verstappen boycotts Netflix

Max Verstappen’s teammate at Red Bull, Sergio Perez, is also positive about Drive to Survive.
– Above all, I respect Drive to Survive. “It’s amazing what this series has done for Formula 1. It’s something I really appreciate,” Sergio Perez told Reuters last fall.
– Of course it’s kind of a drama when they sell sports, but it’s a show and in the end it’s good for the sport and good for the fans. I love that.

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The fourth season of Drive to Survive will be released on Netflix on March 11th. This year’s 2022 F1 season begins with training in Bahrain a week later. The first race of the year will be scheduled in Bahrain on March 20.

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