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The Swedish curling masters are ready for the Olympic final against Great Britain.

The Swedish curling masters are ready for the Olympic final against Great Britain.

For four years now, Niklas Eden and his team have been waiting for a new opportunity to win Olympic gold in curling.

Saturday gets the chance.

Late Thursday evening Chinese time, the Swedish captain cheered with his teammates Oscar Eriksson Rasmus, Rano and Christopher Sundgren.

semi-final victory Across Canada it was a fact.

In the final, Great Britain awaits, defeating the United States 8-4.

After fourth place in Vancouver 2010, bronze in Sochi and silver in Pyeongchang, it has long been clear what Niklas Eden is looking for in Beijing.

On the way stood an experienced Brad Gushue. The 41-year-old has something that 36-year-old Niklas Eden doesn’t. In Turin in 2006 he won the gold, and his team beat Finland in the final surprise.

Deputy captain Mark Nichols is also still on the team.

In the regular season, Sweden won 7-4 after Brad Joshua had a rare bad day.

– Niklas Eden said before the match, “We will not receive such waste again.”

But experienced The Canadian started the match a little shaky and it was Sweden who took the lead after playing to the last stone in the first round.

In the fourth round, the Swedes got a good spread on the stones in the nest and Gushue had to try a double knockout with his last stone. He did not succeed, and Sweden snatched a 3-1 lead.

In the fifth round, Niklas Eden’s first mistake came with a knockout and Guccio equalized Sweden’s 3-3 lead in the first half with his last stone.

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It was observed that two teams met several times and knew each other’s tactics.

The match continued To be low on points and in the sixth round Sweden chose “zero” to keep the so-called hammer. With a slight one-eighth difference, Eden regained the lead.

The ninth round was zero and so Sweden led 4-3 before the last regular round, but Canada had the last stone.

With four stones left to play, Sweden’s time has passed.

And shortly thereafter, Canada did the same.

Brad Josho got a chance to tie his last stone but missed, so the Swedes can rejoice.