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British movie stars want to buy Tolkien houses

British movie stars want to buy Tolkien houses

Sect writer and university educator J.R.R. Tolkien moved to Northmore Road in Oxford in 1930 and then lived at home for 17 years with his family. guardian.

Here, Tolkien wrote the debut of Bilbo – A Hobbit’s Adventure, a story that began as a bedtime story for the author’s children, and the successful novel The Tale of the Ring, which became his major breakthrough.

The current owners now want to sell the plastered stone house, which prompted actor Bilbo Baggins Martin Freeman, along with Ian McKellen, who plays the wizard Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, to launch a Northmoore fundraising project to buy the building – and turn it into the Tolkien Center .

Planning to build hobbit houses

at Film clips on the project website Together with artist Annie Lennox and actor Derek Jacobi – whose readings of Tolkien’s work are legendary in Britain – they talk about their vision of the house as a literary gathering place for fans of the British author’s work.

The fundraiser’s initiators also announced that they plan, in addition to renovating the building, to build a hobbit house in the large garden, where cuddly pipe smokers can glow.

Within three months, the house will be up for sale if they can’t raise the £4.5m needed to buy it – certainly a challenge, according to author Emma Golding, one of the project’s founders.

– But if we look at Frodo and Sam’s journey from Vattnadal to Domedagsberget, which took the same amount of time, we feel we can also do it, she told the British newspaper.

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