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Plot in a new magic show - first Stockholm, then Qatar, USA and Great Britain!

Plot in a new magic show – first Stockholm, then Qatar, USA and Great Britain!

Plot in a new magic show – first Stockholm, then Qatar, USA and UK!

Now a lot is happening to magician Pontus Lindemann, expect magic! He was recently part of British’s Got Talent, the most dangerous card trick in the world. He established commercial contacts with Qatar. And now this fall, his magic show is being produced; Show the plot “with tricks no one has done before. For a year now, he’s also been part of the Dalarna Science Park incubator with business training and development going!”

A year ago the goal was to appear and participate in an international TV show and is now under scrutiny! The effect of this is now an invitation to America’s Got Talent with shows in early 2020. — Gorgeous and almost unimaginable, says Pontus Lindemann! But what I’m focusing on right now is my own show that will premiere in the world at Lilla Circus in Stockholm on October 28, 2019. A day after ticket release, a third of the tickets are sold out!

The Conspiracy is a leading magical and mind-reading show where spectators are part of the show, says Pontus Lindemann. From the second you buy the ticket, you’re part of the plot and you’ll get instructions on preparing for the show! The plot is based on your choices and ideas, you as a participant are in control of the show, right? The show is based on a whole new blend of manipulative suggestion, skillful magic, and psychological mind reading.

World premiere? Well, there are already contacts with Qatar, the US and the UK to move the offer forward.

  • We’ve been working on a strategic escalation for Pontus Lindman for a year and now really big things are starting to happen, says business coach Jürgen Bond at Dalarna Science Park. Now we are looking for a professional management who used to work internationally.
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Contact Pontus Lindman, [email protected], 076-221 32 57 or
Business Coach Jürgen Bond 073-920 03 60 [email protected]

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