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A businessman is wanted to control a company group that owns a historic mountain hotel – Al-Khobar (Ecoot)

A businessman is wanted to control a company group that owns a historic mountain hotel – Al-Khobar (Ecoot)

Tänndalen Hotel, also called Tänndalen’s Fjällgård, dates back to the 19th century. It has been out of operation for a long time, and local media have repeatedly reported that the old wooden buildings have fallen into disrepair.

For several years, the houses have been owned by the Opertun business group, which according to its own marketing has 30 years of experience in investments. Last year, planning permission was obtained to demolish parts of the hotel and build newly built longhouses containing around 50 new apartments.

“big castle”

Many neighbors criticized the plans.

“We thought there was a big castle hidden in our pleasant mountain environment,” says Charlotte Zachary, president of the condominium association that appealed the decision.

The appeals were rejected and the way was opened for Oberton, who promised to hold a press conference about the future of the Tänndalen Hotel.

But a year later, construction has not begun. An Ecott investigation shows that the British holding company of the Oberton Group is now controlled by an internationally wanted businessman accused of gross fraud in Uppsala, in an investment scandal in which small savers are said to have been lured to invest money in a property company.

The person who was previously a spokesperson for the Opertun Group said in a written comment that the hotel company Opertun Service Fastigheter i Tänndalen AB has not been part of the Opertun Group since last summer.

Missing sites

The Opertun Group’s websites disappeared, the board of directors was replaced and the auditor resigned.

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The fraud-accused businessman, who today controls the property company, declined, through his lawyer, to comment on Equate matters, but has previously rejected all allegations of wrongdoing.

Charlotte Zachary has mixed feelings about touring. Despite her protest against the building plans, she now watches sadly as the old hotel remains in disrepair.

-We would have liked to see a good building. It was a well run hotel that had a very nice restaurant, pool, etc. Now it’s moldy.

to update: The article was updated after a former Opertun spokesperson, who initially declined to comment, returned with a written comment.

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