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Aynar reveals his hefty salary – he gets paid for his gig

Aynar reveals his hefty salary – he gets paid for his gig

The Swedish rap star is doing very well Iynar, 18. Within a month, he’d release his new album, and he’s often considered one of the most played performers on Spotify. In 2019, it had 183 million herds in service. Even before both Avicii, Billie Eilish And the Ed Sheeran In Sweden.

It also attracts millions. In an interview with Anais Don Demina On his Youtube channel in the fall of 2019, 17-year-old Einar talks about what cash flow can look like.

50,000 SEK per million inflows. He said everything to my mother’s account, then.

Aynar is really making a lot of money. Image source: Jessica Gow / TT

He made a profit of over 7 million SEK

In 2019, Einar has a salary of 490,700 SEK. This gives a monthly stipend of 40,891 SEK. But Einar is earning more than his salary, something Nyheter24 wrote about earlier.

Einár, called Ns1 Production Scandinavia AB, is owned by his mother Lena Nelson 59. In 2020, the company’s insane turnover was 16,980,000 SEK and a profit of 7,600,000 SEK.

This is the amount they charge for a gig

During an Instagram question-and-answer session, Einar took the opportunity to answer his fans’ many thoughts. One of the questions was, of course, about money – more specifically, how much money Einar charges for a gig.

Einar responded by saying, “At least 170,000 before Corona.”

not bad!

Einar charges at least 170,000 SEK for the party. Image source: Instagram / ns1einar

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