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Exclusive!  We have shrunk in the Apple Airtag!  Small, sweet and simple

Exclusive! We have shrunk in the Apple Airtag! Small, sweet and simple

So they were finally here, Apple’s Airtag. It’s a little button that looks a lot like in size and style those on a denim jacket if you’re spoiled. The small disk consists of two parts, one metal and the other plastic. The plastic part also works as a speaker, which is a bit cool and if you tie the metal part, you will find the battery. It’s a regular button battery that can be bought everywhere and the battery life should be one year.

Pairing it with your phone is very easy, just attach it to your phone as you would your AirPods. An iOS tool is required for it to work, but if you find one, you can read data from it with Android. When Airtag is paired, it’s in the Find app and it’s very easy to find and make it look.

You can of course put the Airtag in your bag, jacket, or whatever you want, but with an accessory you can also put it on a keychain, bag, or anything small in reality.

If you lose what the Airtagen connects to, you can make it look like I said, but the small disk also has a U1 chip, so if you have an iPhone 11 or better, it is easy to find the gadget with the phone, because it knows its exact location and shows the direction and distance up to 0.1 meters. If you are visually impaired, your phone tells you in which direction and how far your gadget is, great! We are now beginning to understand what to do with the U1 chip.

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On the other hand, if you drop something on the bus, everyone else’s iPhones will be used to help you find your stuff. All iOS devices running iOS 13 or later are helping this gigantic network and that’s really cool. If it is now working as it should. Tile has long sold small devices to help you find your keys and things and also has a network of other Tile users to help you find your Tile when it is away from you. There are tons of Tile users out there, but the number of iOS users increases hundreds of times so this should work better.

This is a product that you can only really test when you lose something, so I must be missing something soon. But the device itself is exactly what you can expect from Apple, even if the “material” in which the Apple logo was printed and this metal gives us flashbacks of the first iPod that became a very muddled story.

We got it during lunch today and for natural reasons we didn’t have time to test it deeply, so we’ll come back with a closer test!