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Apple släpper stabila iOS 14.5!

Apple releases iOS 14.5 stable system!

Apple releases iOS 14.5 stable system! – Mobile news

Apple held an event last week where the manufacturer unveiled the new iOS 14.5 with a handful of new features. It now appears that the manufacturer has released this version of iOS for the company’s iPhones.

The biggest news in this version of iOS is that you will be able to unlock your iPhone if you have an Apple Watch on your wrist and if you have a mouthguard, which is a very smart feature that has finally arrived on Apple phones.

The update will be sent Stream.

Rasmus Helmers

Rasmus Helmers

Rasmus Hellmyrs writes on this page about cell phones. In his youthful days, he used to manipulate many cell phones as it is cell phones that apply in his life. That’s why this site started and this is also the reason why it calls itself the only tech influencer in Sweden.

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