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Melania distances herself from Donald Trump |  the world

Melania distances herself from Donald Trump | the world

Melania Trump.

Photo: Wilfredo Lee News Agency/AP TT

Photo: Chris Szagola/AP TT

Former US President Donald Trump is campaigning in full force ahead of the fall's presidential election.

But the former president's wife, Melania Trump, has not yet appeared alongside her husband in official appearances. Neither during his trials nor his marches.

This is despite Trump and his team promising that she would be increasingly involved in the election campaign.

“Keep your eyes open,” Trump said earlier in March when asked about his future wife's involvement on the campaign trail.


According to several people with access to the information, Melania is unlikely to spend much time in Washington, D.C., if Trump is re-elected president. Raw story.

She is distancing herself more from her husband and from the social and political scene in Washington, says Kate Andersen Brewer, who has written several books about the White House and first ladies.

– I mean, she clearly hated being in Washington.

“Melania does what Melania wants.”

Mary Jordan, an associate editor at The Washington Post and author of a book about Melania, is on the same path.

She believes Melania views the role of first lady as “unpaid and unelected.” According to Jordan, Melania Trump will likely only come to the White House – if Trump is re-elected – for ceremonial functions such as state dinners or events.

– Melania does what Melania wants, she says according to Raw Story.

Instead, Melania is expected to spend her time during a potential second term commuting between Palm Beach, Florida and New York, where her son Barron is rumored to be attending New York University.

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